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It is a CSV file editor designed to clean and convert data
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Sylvester Ron's Editor is a very well designed CSV file editor and very easy to use. It's the only editor I found that is able to handle huge files with such ease and speed. There's free version available, but I use it very often so I didn't mind spending $25 for a license, definitely worth it!

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Sylvain Michaux I do a lot of work with EXCEL but usually only basic editing. I spend too much time trying to keep Excel from reformatting text or changing values I don't want to be changed.

I have been looking for a flat file editor that would edit Excel spreadsheets from .csv or .tsv files.

So far Ron's Editor looks great. It formats and edits in a format that looks like Excel, but it doesn't try to do all sorts of unnatural things with the text I enter.

This seems to be a great editor at a reasonable price.

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Jerome Duteil I'm a very grateful user of Ron's Editor and I have promised the developer that I would write a few reviews on the website so there it is. This excellent application has indeed helped me sooo much with my work. There's a free 30 day trial (which can be renewed) but it's definitely worth spending $25 for a license.

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